What is Vault Review (VR)?

 Vault Review is an inter-institutional undergraduate journal that focuses exclusively on topics of contemporary art history, visual studies, and cultural studies. VR provides a platform from which contributors can explore and experiment further with the intersections between contemporary art and critical theory/ contemporary philosophy.

What is the impetus for VR?

The idea of VR comes from the belief that texts written within academic institutions have a life beyond their deadlines. These texts deserve to be extended and nourished in a supportive and stimulating atmosphere that fosters the further refinement of style, argumentation, and illustration of thought pertaining to contemporary art and theory.

A forum for shared thought, VR allows for contributors to be published as well as gain experience discussing their work with like-minded writers/thinkers beyond the boundaries of their university.

Writing for and within the environment of the ‘Contemporary’ calls for methods and styles of analysis that differ from other fields of study within the history of art. In many instances students will research and write on artists and artworks that are in the process of transformation. VR offers an intellectual environment in which contributors can get accustomed to the critique as well as historical research required to engage the dynamic realm that is generally referred to as contemporary art.

From this platform, contributors will be encouraged to further establish their position in relation to the artworks/artists they are discussing and the critical lens through which they analyze the context of an artwork’s production, presentation, and reception.

What is the VR publishing cycle?

VR operates on two different time frames; it is an instantaneous website and a quarterly online journal.  Following a preliminary editing process in which editors will contact writers for any clarification or discussions regarding content, submission will be published on the VR website and will be immediately open to discussion forums moderated by the VR editorial board in correspondence with the author.

The themes of the quarterly will derive from the content that is submitted daily by contributors. The quarterly aspect of VR is a distillation of ideas and matters of concern that link particular texts from the stream of submissions in common, thus providing an associative snapshot of that particular period and engendering a sense of a contemporary network amongst contributors.

Who are VR’s contributors?

The intent of the journal is to provide a forum to publish for undergraduate students who are currently pursuing their degree or have recently attended a post secondary institution. The expectations of the texts that will be submitted is that they have already been marked by the academic institution and that the author has received a B+ or higher for their efforts. Having said that, we encourage contributors to add or omit sections that they feel will better illustrate their line of argumentation.

– Spencer W Stuart (Editor-In-Chief of Vault Review)

Please send submissions via email to:


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